Clean, Customize, and Repair your GameCube Controller!

A crowdfunding effort to start a GameCube controller cleaning, customization, and repair business!


Target Crowdfunding Goal: $2,500

Goal Marker updated daily. Ends July 5th @ midnight.



$20: DIY Button Kit

Estimated Delivery: Oct-Nov 2022

Want to install your own buttons and joysticks on your GameCube controller? I'll mail you GameCube buttons and joysticks of any combination of colors plus a Tri-Point Y0 and phillips screwdriver. Shipping covered.

Note: The custom Z-Button doesn't fit the officially licensed Nintendo GameCube controller, only the generics.


  • Custom Button Sets (GameCube)
  • Custom Joysticks (GameCube)
  • Screwdriver (Tri-Point Y0)
  • Phillips Screwdriver
  • Free Shipping

U.S. Customers Only

$35: Cleaning Only

Estimated Delivery: Sep-Oct 2022

I'll thoroughly clean your GameCube Controller, inside and out. Shipping both ways covered.


  • GameCube Controller Cleaning
  • Free 2-way Shipping

U.S. Customers Only

$50: Cleaning + Custom Buttons/Joysticks

Estimated Delivery: Nov-Dec 2022

I'll thoroughly clean your GameCube Controller, inside and out. Plus, you'll be able to choose any combination of colors for your 9 buttons and 2 joysticks on your controller. Shipping both ways covered.

Note: The custom Z-Button doesn't fit the officially licensed Nintendo GameCube controller, only the generics.


  • GameCube Controller Cleaning
  • Custom Button Sets (GameCube)
  • Custom Joysticks (GameCube)
  • Free Installation
  • Free 2-way Shipping

U.S. Customers Only

$80: New Nintendo GameCube Controller + Custom Buttons/Joysticks

Estimated Delivery: Oct-Nov 2022

You’ll be purchasing a brand new Nintendo GameCube Controller (Black Japanese Import). Plus, you’ll be able to choose any combination of colors for your 9 buttons and 2 joysticks on your controller. Shipping covered.

Note: The custom Z-Button doesn’t fit this officially licensed Nintendo GameCube Controller. I will not install the z-button, but will ship it with your controller.


  • New GameCube Controller Controller
  • Custom Button Sets (GameCube)
  • Custom Joysticks (GameCube)
  • Free Installation
  • Free Shipping
new gamecube controller

U.S. Customers Only


Hey guys! My name's Dylan (IGN: Hotrod08), and I am seeking out your financial help to setup a new business of cleaning and customizing your Nintendo GameCube controllers. I had the idea come to me when I was playing Smash Bros. Ultimate and my joystick was sticking to one side of the controller. I thought to myself that I couldn't be the only person out there having sticking joysticks or buttons on their controllers, which greatly limits your competitive viability in games like Smash. Alongside that, I've always enjoyed being able to fully customize any computer or gaming hardware that I've used, so why not combine both into one business?


So what qualifies me to be opening your controllers and cleaning them out? I've always had a passion for technology, and my main job is maintaining and repairing computers and cell phones as the Director of Tech Support. I plan on handing your controllers with the same quality and care that I do with my current job's client base.

Why Crowdfunding:

Simply put, I'm poor (divorce'll getcha) and don't want to just run a cleaning-only business. That's kind of boring, right? I want to have fun creating your ultimate controllers that both looks cool and is performance-ready.

I'm also gauging the desire for a service like this. I think people would enjoy a cleaning and customization business, but I'd rather not invest my money into stock for these controllers, just to not get hardly any business. If this project gets funded, then I'll know that the demand is great enough for me to put the effort into it.

With that, I need money for:

  • Stock of GameCube Controller Buttons (multiple colors)
  • Stock of GameCube Joysticks (multiple colors)
  • Stock of Screwdrivers (both Triwing and Phillips)
  • Packaging for shipping (regular and bubble envelopes)
  • USPS printer + labels
  • Ultrasonic cleaner
  • Electronics vacuum
  • Toolset
  • Hair Dryer
  • Towels
  • Grease (joy boxes)
  • Liquid spray cleaner
  • Other cleaning supplies (toothbrush, detergent, q-tips, alcohol, etc.)
  • Plastic containers
  • Spacers (properly adjust joysticks height)

GameCube Controller Cleaning:

Alright, now we're getting to the fun stuff: what your money's going to buy you. The cleaning process will be as follows:

  • Taking your controller apart
  • Washing all small parts (screws, non-new buttons/joysticks, rubber pads)
  • Washing inner and outer shells
  • Vacuuming/brushing inner electronics
  • Spray cleaning and greasing the joy boxes
  • Rebuild your controller back together

GameCube Controller Customizing:

For customizing your controllers, you will be allowed to choose any combination of colors to create your perfect controller setup.

-GameCube Controller Colors: orange, yellow, red, green, black, blue, pink, purple, white, and light blue. Buttons: ABXY Z Keypads L/R Triggers Start. Joysticks: Left and C-Stick

GameCube Controller Repairs:

Does your controller have buttons or triggers that aren't working, or joysticks that have flickback? Let us repair your GameCube Controller for you! Repair jobs are done as an add-on basis (you can purchase a repair alongside our $20, $35, and $50 reward).

Our Guarantee: If we can't repair your GameCube controller, you'll receive a full refund minus $10 (covers shipping).

  • DIY Button Kit: $30 repair surcharge, totals $50. Will provide $40 refund if not fixed.
  • Cleaning Only: $25 repair surcharge, totals $60. Will provide $50 refund if not fixed.
  • Cleaning + Custom Buttons/Joysticks: $25 repair surcharge, totals $75. Will provide $60 refund if not fixed.

Stretch Goals:

If you have any ideas for stretch goals, feel free to suggest some! Currently, I only have 1 stretch goal that's reasonable and won't break the bank:

$4,000 – Additional Custom GameCube Buttons – Additional color choices include transparent red, transparent pink, transparent green, transparent purple, transparent black, transparent yellow, transparent orange, transparent sky blue, transparent (white), and transparent dark blue.

The project is funded: now what?

 If this project is funded, the following steps will happen:

  • Continued research into joysticks

-I'll make a decision as to whether custom joysticks will be implemented or not, depending on quality tests.

  • Orders for stock and supplies will be placed
  • Emails surveys will be mailed out

-Form will include what colors you'd like for each of your buttons and joysticks

  • DIY kits will be mailed out when button and joystick stock come in
  • When supplies arrive, I'll begin the process of cleanings

-Will be done in waves, starting with people who donated first and starting with cleaning-only rewards (if stock supplies haven't come in yet)

-I'll ship you a box and label to mail your controller to me

-When the cleaning's done, I'll mail back your controller. When I get shipments in, I will be focused on cleaning your controller asap to mail them back to you in a timely manner

  • When all DIY kits are mailed out and all rewards have been serviced, I will spend time building this website up for launch for future customers to be able to be serviced.

Future Ideas:

If this project is funded and is popular, I have possible plans to further expand the business. Current ideas include:

  • Controller Shell customization (color changes and design dips)
  • Expanding to more controllers for cleaning and customization, such as Pro Controllers, Playstation, and Xbox


If you can think of any other cool ideas I could do with this business, feel free to send them my way! I'd love to hear your suggestions.

Risks and Challenges:

The most glaring issue lies in international affairs. The stock supplies will be shipped from China. Between COVID restricting transport of goods a crossed the world and the current escalations of war around Ukraine, there is a good chance that the parts could get delayed by several months, pushing back rewards being distributed.

The only other issue I can think of non-controller related is timings of rewards if interest in this business is high. If I get a lot of cleaning requests, I will have to have you guys send me your controllers in waves, so that I'm not holding onto your controllers for any more than a week.

For the controllers themselves, there are a few quality issues that I've noticed:

Problem: The custom colored Z-Buttons don't fit some Nintendo brand GameCube controllers.

Solution: Unfortunately, I haven't found a solution as of yet. I haven't found a supplier that sells quality custom z-buttons that fit. This means that some rewards for GameCube custom buttons won't fit the new z-button and will instead have to be left to your original (most likely purple) z-button. I will mail the z-button that you've purchased with your controller.

Problem: The custom colored Joysticks for the GameCube controllers dust as you're playing with them.

Solution: My solution to this is finding a coating to dip/brush the heads of the joysticks in either a clear wax or coating to protect the joysticks from wear and tear. Another solution is separately buying the colored joysticks from a different supplier that I know has better quality joysticks. I am still running test trials for different coating for the joysticks, and if that doesn't work, I'll look into other companies to buy joysticks from.

Problem: There are all sorts of different brands of GameCube and Pro controllers that I haven't tested out, which means there might be either some unexpected cleaning or button installation issues.

Solution: I've bought both generic and licensed GameCube to test on. While I haven't ran into any major snags yet (besides the licensed Nintendo GC controllers not fitting the z-button), there could still be some unexpected snags. If there's an issue cleaning or installing the button sets on a controller, I will take it on a case-by-case basis and refund anyone as needed.

My Crowdsource Guarantee

*If this project doesn't get enough momentum to hit the target goal, all reward contributions will be refunded

*I am continually testing different methods of having better-quality joysticks. If I can't find a solution that is high quality for you, I will not sell custom joystick colors as an option. If this is a deal-breaker for you (such as you purchased a reward, several months go by in my testing phase and I can't find a good solution to fix the joysticks), you'll be allowed to request a refund of your reward.

Taking Local Partnership Applications

Are you a person (or know a person) who:

  • Owns and runs a game shop
  • Is located in Indianapolis, Indiana or surrounding areas
  • Hosts consistent Smash Bros Ultimate tournaments

If so, I am in search of an Indianapolis partner who would like to make some extra money and receive free publicity by taking customer's controllers for me to service on. I would also drop off controllers at your shop and you would hold them until customers came back to pick them up.

This partnership can start as early as 6/5/22, in time for the the crowdfunding project, but I plan on the main release of the website being 1/1/23 (if project succeeds in funding).

If you or another person you know might be interested, have them contact me at this form. Along with profits, partner benefits will include a permanent "Sponsored by" hyperlink on the website and seen as a local pick-up option on checkout.